Rzeczpospolita Polska, Varsovia  

Currency :  Zloty ( 1 Zloty = 100 Groszy = 0.25€)

Link : www.poland.pl/

Coins in  aluminium (bring back by my father after a travel in1975)

10 zloty. 2 coins with différent obverses

20 zloty. The Zloty was a gol coins named : Thaller Zloty.

The eagle's claws was shrinked because they represented imperialism

2 zloty. Poland is rightly known for these alcohol : famous vodka with grass of bison, :Zubrowka ; but I will advise you Przepalanka Krakowska www.polmos.krakow.pl/polski/przepalanka.php :  a speciality of Cracow (with caramel), you will not find better! (to be consumed with moderation nevertheless). And the beer like "Zywiec" which can titrate with 12°

This coins came from my travel in Cracovia (photos):

All series of Zlotys

The box :

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