Croatia (Hrvatska)

Republika Hrvatska, Zagreb

Currency : Kuna (10 HRK = 1.32 )

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Croatia declared its independence from Yugoslavia on June 25, 1991, triggering Serbian military agression on Croatia and starting the croatian War of Independence.

Ramification of olive-tree Maslina" in croatian, as in all the Mediterranean basin, Croatia produces olive oil.

Velebistka Degenij: Velebit is mountain (2) of Croatia located at the center of the country. These mountains form parts of Dinaric Alps.
Sjeverni velebit (septentrional Velebit) and Paklenica are two national parks of Velebit mountain. This mountain gave its name to the flower present on the park: DEGENIA VELEBITICA, yellow flower pushing in these solid masses. 

"Slavuj" : A Nightingale, The male is known for his singing

Beech Marten and the coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia.

The coat of arms is the historical Croatian coat of arms in the shape of a shield with a checkered pattern of twenty-five alternating red and white (silver) fields, with the first field in the upper left corner of the shield being red. A five-pointed crown arches above the shield, between its upper left and upper right corners. The crown is made of five smaller shields with historical Croatian coats of arms in the following order, from left to right : the oldest known Croatian coat of arms, coats of arms of the Dubrovnik Republic, Dalmatia, Istria and Slavonia. The original coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia is kept at the Croatian Sabor and all other coats of arms are its replicas.

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