Republika Bâlgarija - Болгария, Sofia

Currency : lev (1 Lev = 0.51 €)

Link : www.bulgaria.com/

1 Lev. Saint Ivan Rilski (876 – c. 946) was the first Bulgarian hermit and the founder of the Rila Monastery.
He is today honoured as the patron of Bulgarian people and one of the most important saints of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

Actual coat of arms : 5 Stotinki 1906-1913.

Bulgaria was founded into 681, it is one of the oldest countries of Europe.

10 Stotinki (1974-1990). The communist mode lasted of 1946 until 1990 in Bulgaria.

2 Stotinki (1974-1990). Communist coat of arms.

1 Stotinka (1999 -) and 10 Stotinki (1999 -) with the rider of Madara overcoming the lion. He symbolizes the greatest of Bulgaria, the figure comes from a sculture in rock at Choumen.

1 lev de 1992 with the rider "Madara khan Tervel", sovereign during the year 700.

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