Belgique - België - Belgien, Brussels

Currency :  Belgium Franc (Euro since 2000)

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Léopold Ier: july 21, 1831 -december 10, 1865

5 centimes (1833-1860, copper) with lion, a belgium symbol. Léopold Ier was the first belgium King.
The indepedance of Belgium began only in 1839 ! It was the result of a treaty between France and Neederlands.


Léopold II : december 17, 1865 - december 17, 1909


Motto : "Strength through Unity".  Leopold II, King of the Belgians (Léopold Louis Philippe Marie Victor (French) or Leopold Lodewijk Filips Marie Victor (Dutch)) (April 9, 1835 – December 17, 1909) . He was the brother of Empress Carlota of Mexico and cousin to Queen Victoria. Outside of Belgium, he is chiefly remembered as the founder and sole owner of the Congo Free State, a private project undertaken by the King to extract rubber and ivory, which relied on forced labour.

Belgium became a federal state on January 1, 1995 and there are three areas economically autonomous (the Flemish Area, the Walloon Area and the Area of Brussels) and of three speech communities (the French Community, Flemish and the German-speaking one)

10 centimes "Braemt" copper/nickel (1894-1901)

Albert Ier : December 23, 1909 - February 17, 1934

5 Centimes "Michaux design" with a star (1930-1932)


Baudouin : July 17, 1951 to July 31, 1993


25 centimes (1964-1975)

50 centimes "miner design" in bronze

2 faces of the 1 Belgian Franc (Cérès design 1952-1988). The official languages of Belgium are Dutch (België) and French (Belgium), and recently German.

Wallonia: French, Flanders: Flemish

Blue : french speak / red : dutch / brussels : 2 languages / green : german

Serious ethnic problems are present between the two communities: The Flanders (Vlaams Gewest or Flemish area where people speaks a dutch dialects) and Wallonia which is an area where people speaks French, but there are also German-speaking enclaves.

5 francs with two language.

5 franc Baudouin 1er. (1986 - 1993)

10 francs (1969-1979)

20 francs Elstrøm design (1980-1993) copper-nickel-aluminium

50 francs in nickel 1987-1993

In December 2006 the Belgian television (RTBF) announced the independence of the Flanders in truths-false emission. Indeed the chain made believe in these fellow-citizens the scission of the country. Little after 8 p.m. the chain "stopped" its programs to diffuse a "special emission". The televiewers saw the journalists  announcing to them, that the Flanders had proclaimed there independence ;the king had fled the country, the Belgium "did not exist any more".  This emission scandalized many Belgians and many the people believed in the hoax. 

500 francs in silver for the 150th birthday of independance.

Albert II : 9 août 1993 - 

Albert II ( king since 1993) succeded his brother, Baudouin 1st.

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