Suisse - Schweiz - Svizzera - Svizra - Berne  

Currency : Switzerland Francs (1 = 1.64 CHF) 1 Francs = 100 centimes

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Here, the complete collection of Swiss modern currency.

1 and 2 centimes. The 2ct is not isude since january, 1st 1970

5 centimes. There are 4 official languages in Swisseland : german, fench, italian, and romansh. Swisserland is divide on 23 Cantons.

10 and 20 cetnimes. Helvetian confederation, or Helvetia is the name of Swisserland on coins. 

1/2 franc. The flag of Swisserland is square (such as Vatican). Actualy, vatican's army is exclusivlly compose of swiss. The unique rightfull mercenary army in the world.

1 franc. The Switzerland Francs was "born" in 1850, with parity with the French Francs, to replace the cantonal currencies.

Helvetia, The "mother" (symbol) of the country

5 francs, with Guillaume Tell, national hero. Flowers are edleweiss 

5 francs, The wine festival takes place in Vevey.

5 francs for the Basler fasnacht.

5 francs with Albert Einstein, one of the fathers of quantum physics and Nobel laureate for his works on photovoltaics (and not for his law of relativity!)

5 francs for the Swiss's Constitutions.

5 francs commemorating the Gotthard tunnel built between 1872 and 1881 is still active.

5 Franc, Auguste Piccard, physician.

Le Corbusier, architect.

1985 : european year of music.

500th Anniversary of "agreeing Stans" in 1481. This agreement was the foundation of the Swiss Confederation, the cantons and cities union states.

Henry Dunant, red cross "inventor".

Heridio nostro futurum, 1975 year of architecture

 Ferdinand Hodler, painter  Photo of  "la nuit"

Johann Pestalozzi (1746 - 1827) pedagogue

Birthday of the Morat battle june 22, 1476.

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