Values of coins

  Do not clean your coins. be avare of  in numismatic magazines and guides, as well as those you'll find here!
Indeed, these ratings depend on coin's preservation, and only an expert can determine this grade and decide on its sale price.

     Common questions

Q : What is the value of coins ?

R : I depend of mintage (different each year), medal, conditions/grading 

Q : What means F, VF, G, etc ... ?

R : coin valuations are given in genaral in four or five grades of preservation : fine, very fine good etc... To kow the grade of preservation, only a buyer can tell you this information.

Q : My coins are very old ; its means they are expensive ?

R : No, no, no... lot of people do this mistake. A value of a coins depend of mintage !


Values of world coins

       Austria        Spain        France        Belgium
shillings, heller and groshen Pesetas ! French francs
Belgium francs 1900
       Italia        Euros        Canada        USA
1 ct 1900 - 2 Lira 1943

5 lire 1914 - 1 lire 1950

1 lire 1951 - 500 lire 2000

Euros Canadian dollars
1 - 5 cents

10 cents to $10

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