中国/中國 - Zhōnggu - People's Republic of China, Peijing

Currency : Yuan, China Yuan Renminbi (1 CNY = 0.1 )

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10 Fen (Cents) = 1 Jiao et 10 Jiao = 1 Renminbi Yuan

5 fen  of 1988 wit the coat of arms

1 jiao in aluminium with an orchidea.

5 jiao with a flower of lotus.

zhonghua renmin gongheguo : People's Republic of China or 中 华人民 共和国 简 史

Yuan renmibi wants to say "currency of the people

The emblem of the People's Republic of China is represented by the door of Tiananmen which is the entry of the "Prohibited City" in Peijing.
The edge (out of corn ears) and coils it, represent the spirit of work in the Maoist ideology. The five stars are also present on the flag. 

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