(ex Formose), Tapeď

Currency : Dollar of Taiwan (100 TWD = 2.5€)

Link : www.tbroc.gov.tw/

10 dollars. 2000 year of Dragon

Taiwan is asserted by China but the country have his government and a national assembly (334 members elected for 4 years and would represent China). The island was invaded in 1624 by Dutch who dominated it during 38 years. They fought against Spanish for the supreme domination of the island. In 1661 Zheng Chenggong (a chinese) and its men pushed back Dutch and they integrate Taiwan into the area of Fujian-Taiwan-Xiamen. And in 1685 Taiwan was combine to the Chinese empire. In 1894, the Chinese dynasty Qing, lost the Sino-Japanese war and yielded Taiwan to Japan. August 15, 1945, Japan capitulated and Taiwan did not return any more to China.

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