Jamhuryat Islami Pakistan (islamic Républic of Pakistan), Islamabad

Currency : Pakistani rupee (1 PKR = 0.014€)

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5 rupees with a crescent and star (like on the flag)

5 Paisa (1964-1974)

5 Paisa of FAO.

Banknote of 10 pakinstani rupees. Representation of the ruins of the city of Moenjo Daro located in the province of Sind (300 km in the north of Karachi). The name means the "tumulus deaths". It is the oldest city of the Indus valley. The city developed from -2500 to -1700 (bronze age), then it was abandoned in 1500 (because of the change of the course of the river). The excavations showed that city was equipped with WC and baths.

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