Jumhuriyah al Lubnaniy - Republic of  Lebanon, Beirut

Currency : lebanese pound  (= 100 piastres) (1 = 1800L)

link : www.destinationlebanon.gov.lb

10 piastres in copper-nickel,  phenicians were in - 1200 in Lebanonn, then it was greeks an romans and thi is a galley.

10 piastre of 1955. lebanon became independant in 1941, but the french an british army leav the country in 1946.

25 piastre of 1961.

500 pound stainless. We can see the arabic and french : the two languages of the country.

5 piastres. Cedar of Lebanon: national emblem; but in the process of disappearance.
The cedar is a conifer (fir tree) grouth between 1500 and 1700m. They can live up to 1500 years!

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