Nihon Koku -日本 , Tokyo

Currency : yen ( ¥ ) (100 Yen = 0,73€)

Link : http://www.amb-japon.fr/

the flag is named : Hinomaru (solar disc in japan).

50 sen of 1898 in silver of the age of Meiji ; in 1895 Japan invades the island of taiwan.

50 yen (1959-1966) ot he Showa's age, 1926-1989.

1 yen in aluminium  (1955 -1989) of 1970.

Imperial palate: Kokyo. It is opened  only two days per year: January 2 and on December 23 (birthday of the emperor).
The remainder of the year, the visitors have access only to the gardens which offer a sight on the palate.

National flower of Japan: The chrysanthemum. The kikumon is the stylized symbol of the chrysanthemum (with sixteen petals)
and it is the emblem of the Emperor of Japan since 1200  (the emperor Ten' No Gotoba).

100 yen

Du papa de Domi                                

5 Yen

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Ll'écrivain Natsume Sôseki (1867-1816)

Japan still has many territorial conflicts with its neighbors. The islands are very important for fishing because the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zones) guarantee by international treaties sovereignty on water around a territory with 200 miles nautical. And this, also small are these islands!

1 : South Kouriles islands 2 : Takeshima Island 3 : Senkaku Island
japan name : North territory japan name : Takeshima japan name : Senkaku
russian name : Kurill'Skyie Ostrava Korean name : tokodo chinese name : Diaoyu
Russian island, claimed by Japan Claimed by Japan an Korea taiwanese name : Tiaoyutai
  Japan islands; claimed by china and Taiwan

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