República de Colombia, Bogotá

Currency :  peso ( 1000 COP = 0.32 €)

50 pesos. On avers we can see the Colombian coat of arms : Phrygian cap, eagle, 4 flags, a map of Panama amongst other things.

100 pesos. The map of Panama is presents because Colombia had this country until 1903.

200 pesos with a Quimbaya's designs. This South American civilization, was noted for spectacular gold work with technical and detailed designs.
The Colombian motto is : freedom and order

500 pesos with Guacari's tree in recognition of the efforts by the people of Guacari to preserve the environment and protect the ecology.

Created in 1966, the FARC  (Revolutionary Forces Armed of  Colombia) are the forces armed of  the Communist Party.
Their goal is to reverse the capacity by tackling its vital points and the american interests. The men are paid like a regular army!
Their economy is based on the traffic of drug, the kidnapping.
web Site of FARC-EP :

1 peso with Simon Bolivar.

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