República de Honduras, Tegucigalpa

Currency : Lemperia Honduran (1 HNL = 0.041€)

Honduras means depth in Spanish

Christophe Colomb arrived at Trujillo (Honduras) in 1502, then inhabited by the Mayas. In October 1537, a chief and warlike Incas (Lempira) worked for the unification of 200 Indian tribes.
The tribes stop their wars to wage war to Spanish. It's in the village of Etempica that the stratagem to push back Spanish was etablished.
In 1821 Honduras was independent of Spain.There was in the "Provinces of Central America" (confederation which existed from July 1823 to 1840).
The country was invades by El Salvador in July 1969 during "the war of football". Indeed, the war start, between the two countries, after a match of football. 

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