Canadian confederation, Ottawa

Currency :  canadian dollar  (1 CAD = 0.71€)

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$ 1 with a loon in the water. This famous bird sings in humid regions of Canada. Loons are, with many other North American birds, a great beauty, symbols of wilderness and solitude. The one-dollar coin is made of pure nickel-plated bronze.

25 cents with a caribou, this wild reindeer can weigh up to 200 kg.

Three "1 cent" with the maple leaf and Queen Elizabeth with three different profiles.


1952 -2002: Golden Jubilee of the 50-year reign of the queen.

The maple tree is found in abundance in Canada. Its sap is extracted and then reduced by heating it to turn it into syrup. It contributed greatly to the development of the forestry industry. The maple leaf has been confirmed as the official national symbol 15 February 1965 with the proclamation of the national flag of Canada.

2 dolalrs with a polar bear.

10 cents with Bluenose, a famous boat.  (Merci à Alyssa pour cette information)

10 cents of 2001, year of volunteers

10 cents of 2002

5 cents with a beaver.

An other 5 cents with the new profile of the queen

1 cent. George V and Elizabeth II

1 cent for the years of the Canada

2 coins of 1 cents

25 cents of 1992, 125 years of the "Quebec"

5 cents of 2005 for the victory a the world war II  (The V et and the torch were onto the 5 cent coin of 1943-1945)

5 cents in 1943 (1 year of mintage)

Medal of bravery : 25 cents

5 cents d40 years of the queen.

25 cents of 1973, centenary of the famous RCMP: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

25 cents de 1999, "April"

 25 cents with a pink ribbon to support the Canadian Foundation for breast cancer.

5 cents of 1967 100years of the confederation

5 cents 1960

5 silver dollars

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