República Federativa do Brasil, Brasilla

Currency :  Real ( 1 BRL ou R$ = 0.28 €)

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Brazil is a federation (like Russia or Germany), coin of 1901.

1st series of stainless steel coins 5 to 50 centavos. The feminine face is an allegory of the republic, like the french Marianne.

50 centavos with Maria Da Silva Paranhos Junior (1845-1912), Baron of  Rio Branco. Diplomat, statesman and Brazilian historian, it's considered as the symbol of the Brazilian diplomacy.

1 Cruzeiro with a sugarcane. In Brazil, the sugarcane is used to made spirit (After fermentation and distillation). In Brazil the production of greenhouse gases pulled down by 13%, after to the use of this green oil. The cars equipped with the motor "Flex" can run with gasoline or with ethanol. 80 % of brazilian cars are equiped with this motor are solded  for two years. This passion is national, a true revolution and an immense hope. Moreover the sugarcane growed in bad grass, it enriches the grounds and can growed with little water. Brazil would like to become Saudi Arabia of the 21st century. It thus does not remain any more but to make pressure on the oil giants and our policies in our country for finally leaving the dictatorship of oil.

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5 centavos of 2004. In Brazil, several series of coins circulate, it's the second. The effigy is Joaquim Da Silva Xavier (1746-1792). It was condemned to the death penalty for its participation in the movement for Independence. It's today the hero and the "civic guard" of the Brazilian nation. The triangle on which a bird is superimposed represents freedom and peace

10 centavos with the effigy of D. Pedro I, proclamator of Independence, first emperor of Brazil. Independence was proclaimed on September 7, 1822, in São Paulo on the Ipiranga river.

25 centavos with the effigy of Deodoro Handbook de Fonseca (1827-1892). Proclamator of the Republic and first constitutional president of republic of Brazil. At side of the Brazilian National cot of arms.

1 real with Motto of Brazil: "Ordem E progresso": Order and progress. In the gilded ring are represented the Brazilian tribal origins. This draws was found on indigenous ceramics of origin will marajoara.

10 centavos (1987) with Brazilian coat of Arms.

1 cruzado novo 1989 à 1990.

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Brazilian flag : The green represents the luxuriant forests of Brazil. The yellow rhombus symbolizes the gold and the richnesses of the country.The blue on  the central sphere is the color of the sky of the tropical regions. The 27 stars represent the capital and the 26 federate States of the country. Their location corresponde of the sky of Rio de Janeiro, November 15, 1889 (proclamation of the Republic), 20h30. On the white banner are writted the words "Ordem E Progresso" - "Order and Progress".( sources :

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