The Bahamas

Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Nassau

Currency:  dollar of the Bahamas ( 1 BSD = 0,773 )

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Coat of arms of the Bahamas (the boat is Santa Maria : caravel with Christophe Colomb appeared in the Bahamas). There are a swordfish and a greater flamingo.

20 cents with a boat.

5 cents with a pineapple and it's not coincidence! When pioneers landed on the island of Eleuthera (1648) which is located 100 km east of Nassau and measuring 180 km long and 2 km wide, they discovered the pineapple. Indigenous peoples; Arawak and Carib taught them how to cook this fruit. Then, it was cultivate (1722) and exported to Hawaii in 1892 and subsequently worldwide. Today the pineapple festival, in June, remembers the first farmers on the island Eleuthera ("Freedom").

The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality on the island and in every house hung one on his door. It was also at the basis of rite of passage to adulthood for young adolescents.


1 cent  with a starfish, it exsit 1500 species of this annimal !

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The Bahamas form part of the Commonwealth : "the Commonwealth of Nations" is a political community of country. The community was formed with the parts of the old British Empire.
It's directed by the sovereign of the United Kingdom. The community is composed of the quarter of the world population (especially due to the accession of India) and of the third of the members of the United Nations.
The Commonwealth makes the promotion of a series of values common to its members such as equality, non-discrimination, democracy and Justice.

The originality of the Commonwealth comes from its organization : the member States are linked by their common interests, but are sovereign.
They are bound by no treaty and can remain neutral when a conflict engages one or more of them.

The Commonwealth counts 53 Member States:

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