المملكة المغربية (Al Mamlakah al Maghribiyah), Rabat

Currency : Dirham (1 Dirham= 0.65)

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Morocco is independent of France since March 2, 1956.

Since 1631 the kings of Morocco are dynasty of Alaouides. Until 1999 Hassan II reign on Morocco, it's now her son : Mohamed VI. The Country is a constitutional monarchy.

The effigy of king Hassan II, in traditional costume. Core: Cu 75% - Nor 25%, Ring: Cu 92% - Al 6% - Nor 2%

On the avers: "kingdom of Morocco" and  "Hassan II"   and on the reverse: "5 Arabic dirhams".

On the coins of the countries with Moslem majority, there are the two dates : year of Christian origin and the other Islamic one (580 years ago of "shift").

"Kingdom of Morocco", "MOHAMMED VI", Cupronickel part: (Cu 75 % - Nor 25 %)
of Catherine RIGAULT . (click to increase)

Information on the coins (bank of Morroco) :

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