Al-Djaz'ir - People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, Algiers

Currency: Dinar (1 DZ = 0.11 )

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On the pretext of a slight to their consul, the French invaded Algiers in 1830. The result is that Algeria was divaded in 3 prefecture, Algeria became a part of France.

Algerian coins and French coins was the same until then 1943

5 centimes of 1964 with coat of arms : we recognize the crescent and star like on the flag

5 centimes de 1989 with a wheel and sheaves of wheat, symbols of industry and agriculture.

Algeria becomes independent in 1962 after 8 years of war.

1 dinar 1972.

10 dinars (1979 - 1981)

5 dinars of 1974. 20 years of the begining of the independace war against France.

Algerian Map with a buffalo and a dromedary

Lion of Atlas

Gazelle dama

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