جمهورية السودان - Jumhuriyat al-Sudan, Khartoum 

Currency: Sudanese dinar (1 SDD = 0.0037 )

10 dinars

50 ghirsh

5 ghirsh

10 Dinar (2002-2003)

2 girsh

Sudan is the largest Arab country, and the vastest country of Africa (8,3 % of the continent) : 2 505 813 km2.
Since 1955,  more than two million people died, victims of famines and combat due to the ethnic and religious wars (north is mainly inhabited by Arabic and Nubians which are Moslem and the south by christianized African black people).
This crisis (famine, exiles, war) occurs in the area from Darfour (South-western of the country). However in 1998 the government votes the right to freedom of speech and religion...

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