L'île Maurice

Republic of Mauritius, Port Louis

Currency :  Rupee Mauritian (1 roupie = 0.03€)

link : http://www.ile-maurice.com/fr/

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (1900 -1985) is respcet as the father of Mauritianin dependence .

Ramgoolam was a Prime Minister of the island of 1961 to 1982. In 1968 whereas he is a minister with the party of independence, the island becomes independent. [ It yielded the island of Diego Garcia to the British (rented to American for 50 years) against the independence of the island of Maurice. ]

In 1710, Mauritius passes under the control of France and is renamed Île of France. The island is taken over by the British in 1810 and is officially attached to the British empire in 1814. It found its old name then.

Coat of arms of Maurice (1 Rupee)

10 Rupees

5 Rupees

The official languages of the island are English and French, but are spoken : French (60%), the bhojpouri (30 %), the Urdu one (5,8 %), English (2,4 %) and the tamoul (2 %)

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